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Ride the Tiger

You can see his stripes but you know he's clean

Jesse Bullington
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Great Scott, has my journal been titled after a Dio lyric down all these years? Awesome.

My debut novel The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart was published by Orbit in November of 2009, with lovely cover art is by the incredible István Orosz.:

The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart

My second novel, The Enterprise of Death, was published by Orbit in March of 2011:

The Enterprise of Death

I've also got some short fiction floating around out there:

Way Back When:

"Charlie's Hole" in the zombie anthology The Book of More Flesh, which was also reprinted in The Best of All Flesh

"The Bear and the Sea," first in ChiZine 40 and then in the charity anthology Tales for Canterbury, which benefits victims of the Canterbury earhquakes.


"Conventions of the Genre" in Brain Harvest.

"Blamed for Trying to Live" in Ekaterina Sedia's anthology Running with the Pack.


"The Adventures of Ernst, Who Began a Man, Became a Cyclops, and Finished a Hero" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #62

"Down There Where You Don't Go" in Jabberywocky 5

"The Saga of Hilde Ansgardottir" in Historical Lovecraft

"Liminal Medicine Candle in the Attic Window

"Stars Fell on Alabama" in ChiZine 49

"The Door from Earth" in Future Lovecraft


"HISTORYBOT Saves the Future" in Zombies vs Robots: This Means War!

What else?

Embellished description of physical form. Arrogant exaggeration of mental capacity. Pretentious musings on the trite nature of blogging. List of interests that make me seem intelligent and show no relation to interests list directly below. Self-important pledge to differ my own journal from those of others. Lament that this approach has no doubt already been used. I think that about covers it.
"beat" takeshi kitano, absinthe, akira kurosawa, alan moore, albrecht durer, algernon blackwood, ambrose bierce, amon amarth, andy lau, angela carter, angelo badalementi, arthur conan doyle, arthur machen, asian cinema, atrophying friendships, bal sagoth, battle royale, bestiaries, both warren ellises, brad neely, british columbia, british comedy, bruce campbell, chan-wook park, charles chesnutt, charlie white, cheesy metal, cheng pei pei, chess, clark ashton smith, clive barker, cradle of filth, daniel clowes, david cronenberg, david lynch, dj shadow, dorothy parker, douglas adams, e.m.t., edward gorey, etchings and block printings, exploration, fairy tales, flannery o'connor, folklore, franz kafka, gibbering in the darkness, gin/genever/jenever, godspeed you black emperor, golden harvest, gothic literature, guillermo del toro, guitar wolf, h.p. lovecraft, hammer horror, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hellsing, hiking, history, hunter s. thompson, ian miller, ingrid pitt, irvine welsh, istvan orosz, italo calvino, jack vance, jan svankmajer, jeffrey combs, jello biafra, jeunet and caro, jim jarmusch, john carpenter, john kennedy toole, john milton, johnny cash, jorge luis borges, joseph conrad, junji ito, junko mizuno, keith david, kentaro miura, king hu, kobo abe, kool keith, kurt vonnegut jr., lupin the third, maggie cheung, malice mizer, man man, maurice leblanc, medieval anything, mike mignola, mike patton, mikhail bulgakov, monkey punch, monsters tearing shit up, mystery science theater 3000, mythologies, neo-medievalism, nick cave, organized crime, orhan pamuk, poking about ruins, pulp fiction, quality anime and manga, raechel dumas, rob zombie, robert anton wilson, robert carlyle, robert e. howard, robert service, romani, satoshi kon, screamin' jay hawkins, sergio leone, shaolin kung fu, shaw brothers, single malt scotch, skulking in graveyards, some adult swim, stuart gordon, suehiro maruo, tadanobu asano, takashi miike, terry gilliam, the coen brothers, the league of gentlemen, the misfits, the pogues, the ramones, the reverend horton heat, the tiger lillies, the war poets, the woods after sundown, tim burton, tom stoppard, tom waits, toshiro mifune, traveling, twin peaks, umberto eco, vincent price, wandering the wilds, werner herzog, westerns, white zombie, william s. burroughs, wong kar wai, writing