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Future Lovecraft and Gothic Micro-Interview
Innsmouth Free Press' newest anthology, Future Lovecraft, just dropped this week, and I'm in that mother alongside Molly Tanzer, Orrin Grey, Nick Mamatas, Helen Marshall, Paul Jessup, Martha Hubbard, Ann K. Schwader, and a host of other cool cats and kittens. My story is called "The Door from Earth"--one guess which Clark Ashton Smith story it's a quasi-sequel/homage to. Many thanks to editors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula Stiles, and to all my bad fellows sharing the ToC. Tangentially related, here's a mini interview I did to promote the last IFP anthology I was in, their Gothic-themed Candle in the Attic Window.

...And resuming radio silence. Hope everyone in the universe is exceptionally well, and I plan on making a more substantial/less self-promotional post soon. Cheers!

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Thanks for promoting 'our' book.
AND, I recently noted that one of your stories has made the Bram Stokker long list. Congratulations - Let's hope it goes all the way.

Thanks, Martha, and apologies for the lag in replying--hope the new year is off to a good start for you!

Thanks for the hopeful wishes - Well, it's having it's moments. Got asked to take over a half teaching position for a sick teacher. Solves my money problems BUT now I have to become MUCH more disciplined if I'm also going to meet my writing goals. We''l see.

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