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Short Story "Stars Fell on Alabama" Up on ChiZine
Untitled Day at the Beach--Calistro
My story "Stars Fell on Alabama," in which I overdose on dialect, is now live at Chizine! Many thanks to the good people there for taking it, and to vegan_vulcan, chop_sockey, penguinkeggard, and anybody else who might have workshopped it for me way back when. Cue up the Reverend, the Shack Shakers, or Mojo Nixon, and come on down...

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touching story (which may sound weird, given the lineaments of it, but yeah! very poignant)

I love regional accents represented in print, so I enjoyed that aspect of it a lot.

Thanks, so glad you liked it! I'm a huge fan of phonetic dialogue/narration, but even for me I had my concerns with this one. Just how it came out--chuffed it worked for you!

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